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Scientific Research

Naam LA Research and Development

Naam LA 501c3 is committed to the development of effective holistic wellness techniques and programs that serve the current needs of humanity. Through dedicated scientific research in close cooperation with the medical and academic community, these healing programs are constantly being improved and customized to best serve people in need.

Our Commitment

Naam LA’s research-based wellness techniques and programs are inspired by ancient spiritual traditions. Our commitment to making them broadly available in both publically sponsored and private platforms is done in the spirit of honoring people of all faiths, cultures, sexual orientations, genders, races, ethnicities, and abilities.

Current Ongoing Research

Chronic Pain Treatment

During this seven-week pilot research study starting in March 2020, participants experiencing Chronic Pain Syndrome will receive a feather-light touch treatment one time per week.

Laboratory blood work measuring indicators for pain before and after the seven treatments as well as written surveys after each treatment will inform the researchers about the effectiveness of the feather-light touch healing modality applied in the treatments.

This pilot program will serve to provide initial data for a larger double-blind study that will be subsequently conducted.



RESET INITIATIVE (Respiratory Exercises for Social Emotional Teaching), is a program designed by Dr. Levry that uses breathing, movement and vocal exercises to help young students maximize their capacity to learn, be creative, and achieve a state of calm attentiveness.

Official research on RESET INITIATIVE, licensed to be developed and overseen by Naam Healing and Research Institute, a 501C3, was launched on August 19th, 2019 by California State University Channel Islands who is researching the effects of this bilingual program. RESET is being piloted for research in two Ventura County elementary schools and one Philadelphia school.

This innovative, seven-minute per day program, created to be practiced and taught by school teachers in the classroom, was originally released in Mexico City under the name of MÁS RESPIRACIÓN CONSCIENTE and is currently serving hundreds of children per day in Mexico with tremendous success. It is lauded by parents and teachers for the tangible difference it has on children’s lives, and success and happiness in school.


The effects of Naam Yoga and Harmonyum energy healing observed with Live Blood Microscopy

This innovative research tool is being used to develop a research methodology that provides useful data relating to the changes in qualitative and quantitative characteristics of blood cells before and after two primary categories of healing techniques. In the first, student’s blood is being observed through the lens of live blood microscopy before and after breathing, performing Naam movement, meditation, sound vibration and postures. Comparisons are being made to other movement forms such as running, walking and strength training. In the second, individuals’ blood is being observed through the lens of live blood microscopy before and after receiving Harmonyum energy healing treatments. Comparative analysis is also being made to sleeping, acupuncture and massage. This tool is not being used to diagnose medical conditions or prescribe medical treatment.

Scientific Research Library

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A 12-week Research Program at Indianilla Smoking Cessation Clinic, Mexico-City (September 2018)

Advanced Music Therapy

By Dr. Robert Mirshak (December 2013)

Integrating Yoga Practices into School Routines

By Dr. Christina Pabers (2018)